Four Stage Steam Jet Ejector

Jet Flow Technologies Vacuum Division

Four Stage Steam Jet Ejector

Four Stage Ejector with Condenser : Four Stage Ejector is having construction and working similar to Single Stage, Two Stage & Three Stage Ejector. When ejector is to be installed at low ambient temperature area, primary booster should be steam jacketed to prevent building up of ice on the diffuser internal bore. Sometimes both primary and secondary boosters are completely jacked to avoid deposition of product inside the ejector.

The Four Stage Ejector consists of following components :

  • Primary Booster Ejector
  • Secondary Booster Ejector
  • Booster Condenser
  • Vacuum Ejector
  • Inter Condenser
  • Low Vacuum Ejector

Absolute Pressure Range :

  • Vacuum from 0.5 MM HG Absolute to 5 MM HG absolute
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