Steam Jet Ejector Vacuum Systems

Jet Flow Technologies Vacuum Division

Steam Jet Ejector Vacuum Systems

Multi Nozzle Ejectors

Based on the process requirement, a Multi Nozzle Ejectors can be designed five or seven nozzles type. Generally, one nozzle in the centre and remaining four or six nozzles are evenly circled around it. Multi-Nozzle Ejectors can reduce the steam consumption by 15% to 20% as compared to Single Nozzle Ejectors when designed for the same conditions and it is more efficient to single nozzle ejectors. At times it is also considerably shorter in length when compared with same rated single nozzle ejectors.

Variable Flow Ejectors

A Variable Flow Erectors are pneumatically / Electrically operated single nozzle ejectors, used to handle the variable suction ad discharge conditions wherein pneumatically / Electrically operated Needle goes in and out for precise controlling the flow rate based on pressure requirement. It is very useful when a low pressure steam is compressed to a higher pressure level.

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