Three Stage Steam Jet Ejector

Jet Flow Technologies Vacuum Division

Three Stage Steam Jet Ejector

Three Stage Ejector is similar in construction as of Single Stage Ejector, but having intermediate condensers. Three Stage Ejector comprises of Booster Ejector, Booster condenser and a Two Stage Ejector. And Two Stage Ejector consists of a high vacuum ejector, a inter condenser and a low vacuum ejector.

This system will give higher vacuum and can handles larger quantity of condensable vapors. Gas or Gas vapor mixture is discharged from the first stage into the condenser where the operating steam is condensed and gases are cooled. The cooled gases are then entrained by the second stage and discharged into the second inter condenser. Here, the steam used in the second stage is condensed. The gases are finally entrained by the third stage and discharged to atmosphere.

Absolute Pressure Range : Vacuum from 5 MM HG Absolute to 15 MM HG Absolute

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